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Our Thai Product Showcase shows further details about suppliers with whom we have a working relationship with already. We have linked up with quality Thai product manufacturers and Thai business service providers.

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Sprout has partnership agreements with some of the leading Thai based logistics companies. We can take care of your entire buying process including delivery to your home country premises.

Our logistics service will enable you to buy from different B2B marketplaces and suppliers and and have it all consolidated into one container.

Sourcing Thai Products

Sprout can help you to source any Thai products in these B2B platforms. The link takes you straight to the Thai suppliers.

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Buyer - Seller Relationship

Sprout BB recognises that 'Best Practice in Business' is the only way to success. A good deal is one where both the seller & buyer are happy.

Sprout B2B Marketplace

Sprout B2B solution is like an Alibaba lite version without all the adverts and unnecessary data. It is solely for progressive Thai SME's wanting to grow with the help of modern technology. The Sprout BB team is fluent in Thai and English and we are at your service to help negotiate deals.

Helping Thailand in 'The New Normal' and beyond 

Sprout BB Sourcing Service

We are building a comprehensive database of progressive Thai businesses. If you need further help sourcing products & services we are here to assist you with the help of our fluent Thai & English speaking team.

HolacracyHolacracy provides a concrete framework for encoding autonomy, agility, and purpose-alignment into your organisation’s DNA. Holacracy is a method of decentralised management and organisational governance, in which authority and decision-making are distributed throughout a holarchy of self-organising teams rather than being vested in a management hierarchy.

A holacracy is a governance structure characterised by a distribution of power among self-organising groups, rather than the top-down authority in the typical hierarchical corporate or communist culture model.

This is not just for organisational structure but is also about supplier and buyer relationships - No deal is better than a bad deal - And this applies to the buyer and the seller!

 A Fundamental Power Shift

One rule-set for everyone
Imagine if your organisation had one “rule book” that everyone referred to, including the CEO. Holacracy is not a set of aspirational principles - it offers a concrete, actionable rule-set. The rules won’t tell you how to structure your organisation. They provide a framework that helps you customise the specific processes you need for your business.

Define Roles

Create clarity and accountability
Define clear roles and responsibilities to help create clarity about who is responsible for what. And one person may have several roles — don’t we wear several hats at work anyway? You define roles around the work; they’re not titles and don’t grant status. However, some may have a broader scope of authority than others — Holacracy is not a “flat” model.

A New Governance Process

Future-proof your organisation
Instead of big re-orgs every few years, you can change your company’s structure as soon as you sense that something could be improved. This happens at every level of the organization - each team has its own governance process. That’s the definition of a decentralised, learning organization: your company continually evolves in response to its environment, and it’s not as disruptive as you might think.

Operational Best Practices

Move fast, stay aligned
Regular Tactical Meetings bake in many operational best practices. They’re efficient and result in actionable outputs with clear ownership. But it’s not only meetings. Holacracy supports radical autonomy while also ensuring alignment with organisational goals. We swear it’s not magic, just discipline and common sense.

Supported by Software

It’s not easy, get support
Halocracy® have developed GlassFrog® to support your Holacracy practice and make it easier for everyone - it’s the essential online Holacracy toolbox.


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