The Future of Retail is Hybrid

Merging on-line & traditional shop display to create a unique customer experience & dramatically increase retail space without the extra cost.

A Co-operative works when everybody is content and shares the same future values

We want to work only with small businesses that have an active interest in providing organic & craft products from Thailand. We want to work with you as partners, not competitors, especially in the current economic climate and with the knowledge that so many of the large companies like to copy what we do best and mass market every unusual product and destroying its value.

Sprout Story is looking for quality partners who wish to sell related products on Sprout Story as a concessionaire store.

A retail concession is an agreement, which allows your organisation to promote its products and services to the public, within another organisation’s retail environment, whether it be a retail store, hybrid store or on-line store.

Where appropriate for retailers, we will provide you with your own branded home page and catalogue, which would reside within the Sprout Story store. We will provide you with a secure connection to our database in order for you to up-date your catalogue and view the order history. Orders would be placed with Sprout Story which would be forwarded to you along with the agreed 'wholesale' monies for you to despatch straight to the customer. You use your own packing slip which should contain details of how the customer can return the goods for an exchange or refund.

In effect we retail your products and you wholesale to us. We agree a sales price and a commission/sellers fee percentage for Sprout Story.

Your concession store will be added to the relevant section within Sprout Story as well as being advertised on the homepage, similar to the directory you would see at the entrance to a shopping centre.

You may promote your store in Sprout Story as you wish, or not promote it at all and rely on our exiting visitors to come across your store. But always better to try and do something to help!

In these most difficult and challenging economic times we welcome our competitors who we know are all small businesses like us. We believe that working together, in times of tough competition from larger companies who copy what we do, is the best way forward for all.

If you wish to consider becoming a partner of Sprout Story please contact us. There is nothing to lose as we do not charge for the setup and work on commission only.


What is a Retail Concession?
A retail concession is an agreement, which allows your organisation to promote its products and services to the public, within another organisation’s retail environment, whether it is a retail store or on-line store.

How will my concession store work?
Sprout Story will provide you with your own branded home page and catalogue, which would reside within the Sprout Story store. Your store will be branded with your own logo etc. Your store will contain your own products of choice and must be related to the Oriental theme of Sprout Story. Your store will be part of Sprout Story and will reside inside the Sprout Story ‘themed’ environment.

Sprout Story customers will visit your Concession and if they wish to buy will add the products to the Sprout Story basket and go through the Sprout Story checkout and pay all monies to Sprout Story. They will have agreed to Sprout Storys Terms & Conditions. (Which, by agreement, maybe altered to suit your particular requirements).

What products can I sell?
You can only add products which are related, legal, safe, and un-offensive and conform to international quality standards. We reserve the right to ask you to remove products which do not meet with our high expectations and standards.

How do I manage my store?
We will set up a secure, password protected account for you and set up the relevant links from our home-page and category pages for you. We provide an easy to use on-line interface where you or your employees will be able to add, delete and edit your own products at any time you wish.

How is the pricing decided?
You will set the selling price taking into account the agreed commission/sellers fee for Sprout Story.

What does it cost?
There are no set-up costs and Sprout Story simply deducts an agreed commission/sellers fee from the payment we make to your for your orders.

How do I get paid?
Unless otherwise agreed, we will pay you immediatly once you have confirmed shipment. Payments to you will be made by PayPal or as agreed.

Can I use my own branding?
Absolutely yes, that's what we want you to do. We want your branding to be prominent within the Sprout Story mall and we will feature your store on our home page. We will also welcome relevant and interesting information concerning the products you sell.

How is my store promoted?
Sprout Story is an established website with high natural rankings with Google and other search engines, we have many visitors per day, mainly from the UK and USA. We also actively market Sprout Story on using sponsored advertising, link swapping, article marketing, press releases and appear in some top TV shows.

You don't have to promote your store at all, we will actively promote all stores within Sprout Story. You may however promote your store as you see fit, we welcome active concessionaires. It is strongly advisable you link to your Sprout Story store from your socail media sites.

What about warranties, returns & refunds?
Sprout Story will not guarantee your products. The customer also has the right to return products for a full refund within 14 days without reason. Faulty goods or size changes are your responsibility. Your packing slip should have a returns form and your own returns address. If there is a refund you should let us know immediately. We will refund the customer and you should refund back to us the full amount including the commission.

How do I cancel my account?
Where agreed, both parties may change the agreement to suit. If you wish to cancel the agreement you may do so at any time in writing or by e mail. We reserve the right to terminate any concession agreement.

What happens if we have dispute?
In the un-likely event of a dispute we will endevour to resolve ourselves without the use of a solicitor. Using the legal system is not what we like to do, but of course if it is serious this could not be ruled out. Any legal dispute will be governed in accordance with Thai law.

How does this affect my existing business?
It does not, if anything it will help you promote your brand. Any agreement we make is between your Company and Sprout Story and does not affect in any way your own business dealings whatsoever.

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