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Forest Fruits for Lips as it be named the 100% natural lipstick that combines benefits of the world renown Thai fruits, coconut and mangosteen. Coconut oil and mangosteen extract are part of our ingredients. Innovation from Thai scientists to improve quality of coconut oil and mangosteen extract in our formula put more advantage on Forest lipstick over other natural lipsticks.

With the health conscious trend in beauty industry, lipstick is the item most needed for natural alternatives as all ladies are aware that they eat it every day… every meals.
Not only a health reason, Forest Fruits for Lips also deliver efficiency of good lipstick as traditional chemical lipsticks do.

Our Lipstick
- Moisturizes your lips by our quality 100% natural ingredients, Plant-based and cold-pressed oils of Coconut, Jojoba, Shea Butter are used without mineral oil. Natural Beeswax is used not paraffin wax which could not be detoxify out and could still stay in your stomach.
- Color pigments are from fruits, flowers and vegetables which is safe and free from lead, cadmium, or other heavy metals
- Long-lasting color by the synergy of our innovative bio-chemistry ingredients.
- SPF10 and together with the benefit of mangosteen and Indian gooseberry which are high in anti-oxidation power. Sooths and improve your lips. Brings back supple healthy lips.
- Formulates without Petroleum, Paraffin Wax, Parabens, Synthetic Colors, Synthetic Fragrance.
- Mild and gentle for all ages, teen & mother-to-be, and those who have sensitive lips.

Our Special Ingredients
Not only 100% natural ingredients, we put innovation in our lipstick to carry superior quality among all other natural lipsticks.
1. Special Natural Cold-Press Coconut Oil using enzyme technology to get coconut oil in mono-glyceride form which have smaller molecule than normal coconut oil. Our mono-glyceride coconut oil is
- Been absorbed and carry vitamin E to inner layer skin very well, thus give better moisturizing.
- Stay longer on the lip, resulting in long lasting color.
- High anti-oxidant power, thus helps protect from environmental stress and free radicles.
- High anti-bacteria, thus no preservatives needed.
2. Mangosteen and Indian Gooseberry extracts derived by ultrasonic without heat can keep full benefits of the fruits.
3. Color pigments from vegetable, flower, and fruits. In our lab, mangosteen, carrot, gac fruit, mulberry etc. will be extracted, thicken, and powderize to get safe color powder free from heavy metal contamination in production process. Our plant color pigments with moisture and heat on lips will oxidate resulting in long lasting natural lip color without using chemical ingredients. This make Forest Fruits for Lips SPF 10 Natural Coconut Lipstick is far exceed other natural lipsticks in term of giving long lasting color.

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