PintoA Pinto (Thai for lunch box) is a multi-tiered food container, with simple a design and coated in enamel.

In the old days, mothers would send their children off to school with multiple courses of a home-cooked lunch packed in these containers. The base of the Pinto is usually reserved for rice. The second tier is for the main course and the top part is for soup or sometimes a pudding.

Nowadays, We don't see Pinto being used much anymore. It is mostly older people who use it to carry food to the temple for monks, we hardly ever see the current generation of children carrying a pinto to school or adults taking one to work.

Because of this more plastic and paper waste is being produced, polluting our planet more and more. Recently the Thai government have rightly clamped down of the use of plastic packaging. Sprout Story wants to play a leading role and encourage people to use the Pinto to help save our planet.

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How Pinto Works?


  1. Purchase your own pinto set
  2. Purchase sprout food coupon 1,000-5,000 baht.
  3. One hour in advance within 2km
  4. Free delivery over 1,000BHT order


Driver picks up pinto from you, goes to restaurant and return with your food order


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